From The Secretary's Desk

Rays John Koshy

Dear beloved in Christ,
Greetings to you in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. CMA is celebrating its 12th Anniversary. God is so kind enough to bring us all through these 12 years in faith.

We have to think how much we are sincere in being stewards of God. Are we using our time, talent and treasure for the Lord. Often we share our treasure for His work and are content with that. Is that God really want us to do. He wants us to give our time and talent, to be more specific, He wants each and every one of us to submit ourselves completely for Him. He is the absolute owner in enjoyment and posession of this world including you and me. We are just caretakers. A care taker should be loyal to the owner. Are we? We need to think about it.

As our Mission says we are a group of youngsters who are willing to take the Gospel of Christ, among the unreached, through music. We know the tremendous experiences of music in transforming the life of people. It is said about the famous musician Sankey who was the musician for Moody that, Moody preached the Gospel and Sankey sang the Gospel. This is exactly what the CMA would like to do. Sing the Gospel. It is also our duty to love and care for the sick and the suffering and help the needy and poor. God has been enabling us to support a few children for some time. We are looking for more avenues and resources for that.

Sunset Service, which is conducted on every Second Sunday, is the main programme through which we sing the gospel. We are happy that so many servants of God have come to Sunset Service to preach the Gospel. We could sing the Gospel to many sick and suffering through Call-A-Song. We have started publishing a small news magazine called Extra~Mile. It means we need to take one step ahead for our Lord. E~M will be published on-line soon. As a main project of the 10-year celebration we have decided to send a missionary to an unreached area. We are yet to identify the place or the target group. We are praying for the cause. 

Thank God for all the mercies. I am so thankful to all the supporters of CMA during the past 12 years. We don't need just supporters but we need Prayerful Supporters. Your prayer is our power.

In His service, Secretary-CMA.


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