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CMA is an organization, which undertakes to do certain unique programmes, and therefore vested with high responsibilities and answerability to our friends and supporters.

Every year CMA starts its programmes with a retreat session for its members to refresh the souls and minds of its members and to receive Gods blessings abundantly in the coming year.


This is a very unique programme of CMA. We go to the sick and the suffering who is unable to attend a worship service outside their home due to sickness or other problems and give them solace by singing and praising the Lord at their bedside.

This service is absolutely free of any fees or other obligations. We consider it our duty and mission to be of comfort to the sick and the dying at their bedside.


Annual Convention

Two days in April every year is set apart for the annual convention of CMA.


Festival of Carols

A unique Christmas programme proclaiming and celebrating the birth of our Lord on the second Sunday of December every year. Different choirs in the city come together to sing carols.



The monthly publication Christian Music Academy. It is a new programme to reach many more far from us. It has news and articles, witnessing and sharing. Extra mile is sent free of charge.

You also can write in Extra~mile. You can send your articles to the Secretary. Our Editorial committee will scutinise it before publishing. 

Read Extra mile May 2007 issue


Cherubim & Seraphim

To Thee Cherubim and Seraphim continually do cry, Holy Holy Holy..

Cherubim is the Choral division of Christian Music Academy. Cherubim sings songs in Fourt Parts Harmony.
Seraphim is the orchestral division of CMA. Seraphim sings songs in vernacular languages. Almost all programmes of CMA are conducted through Seraphim.


Medical fund

….I was sick and you looked after me…

CMA has started a medical fund for distribution among the deserving poor their medical requirements.

CHERUBIM - A band singing contemporary and traditional Christian Songs to the Glory of God. Come and join. 

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Anyone likes to join Cherubim? SMS <your name> Cherubim to 9400352320

or email <your name>  <Contact No.> Cherubim to


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